Legacies Season 4 Trailer Shocker: Is Hope Dying?


Is Hope Mikaelson dying?

That’s the question on our minds after the first trailer for Legacies Season 4.

The clip features several ominous warnings that could foretell a dark fate for Klaus and Hayley’s daughter.

“I think Hope’s gonna die,” MG shares in the clip.

That’s not all:

Even Cleo has a stern warning for the possibly soon-to-be Tribrid.

“You should have left when you had the chance.”

If you watch Legacies online, you know Hope has been like a ticking time bomb after realizing she might need to die to save everyone.

As fans of The Vampire Diaries/The Originals lore know, Hope can activate her vampire side, becoming a full-blown tribrid if she dies.

This is a development fans have been asking for since the beginning of the series, and with us entering Season 4, well, it looks like we’re going to see her unlocking her full potential.

Little is actually known about Legacies Season 4, aside from the fact that it will begin with four holdovers from the third season.

As frustrating as it seems, it’s nice to know these episodes should be bursting at the seams with drama.

Then, the initial episodes of Season 4 should be the setup for the next batch of twists and turns.

Many things were prophecized on the show, and it seems like we might be about to get some answers to the most burning questions.

“If you’re looking at what the sphinx said in the macro, I’d argue it’s the question of the first three seasons,” showrunner Brett Matthews told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year.

“He told what is the story of the three seasons and is it fated to end this way or, as our characters so often do, is there something they can do to overcome it? That question lies at the heart of these first three seasons for sure.”

It all sounds so very ominous, right?

Have a look at the trailer below, and be sure to return to TV Fanatic for full reviews of Legacies when it returns on October 14.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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